NYC Continues Working to Sterilize Breeding Rats

NYC Rats
NYC Rats

NYC rat control is a top priority and there’s a new sheriff in town ready to help lessen the population through birth control. A study of rat behavior in New York subways was designed to provide information on what types of food rats are most attracted to.

The plan of action is set out bait boxes with a tidbit comprised of a cheesy wax texture. The bait provides a tasty treat as well as moisture. Rats do not always have access to liquid and the bait addresses this issue along with a flavorful nugget.

The cheese nugget contains VCD (4-vinylcyolohexene) an industrial chemical that takes approximately 15 minutes to go into action once ingested. The chemical was developed by Arizona based SenesTech developers of ContraPest.

The goal is to sterilize female rats to significantly reduce the rat population but not completely eliminate. The remaining rats would work as gatekeepers to prevent an infiltration and infestation by other rats from other areas laying claim to current territories.

VCD poses no harmful effects on humans nor is it harmful if exposed to the environment. The city hopes to decrease the rat population by as much as 75 percent. Testing has already taken place in Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Indonesia and Laos.

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