Rat Academy Teaches NYC Residents How to Keep Rats Away

Army of Rats
Keep Those Rats Away

In an effort to help residents combat rats in their neighborhood, specially designed rodent-resistant garbage cans are being given out free of charge. This is just one way to stay one step ahead of the whiskered rodents that enjoy rampaging through your yard looking for food.

Rats are opportunists and they are always on the search for food, water and shelter. They’re also carriers of disease which is a major reason for not wanting them in or near your home.

NYC rat control is on the rise but there are steps you can take to make your property less appealing to rats.

Don’t make it easy for rats to access food. Place refuse in rat-resistant containers with secure lids.

  • If you don’t have enough garbage cans, contact the city and ask for more. Under no circumstances do you want garbage spilling from containers. That is a big attraction for rats.
  • Remove hiding places in your yard such as stacked tree limbs, tall shrubs, and overgrown weeds. Also remove any clutter from your property to eliminate breeding and nesting places.
  • Inspect your property to search for any cracks, crevices, or holes where rats can enter your home. When found, fill and seal entryways.

Don’t let rats run you ragged. Give us a call at Stern Environmental Group and we’ll set up a schedule for one of our NYC rat control specialists to inspect your home.