Ten NYC Rodent Videos Go Viral – Rats, Raccoons, Squirrels Oh My!

NYC Rodents Going Viral

New York City has a lot going for it with entertainment, dining, hotels, and much more that keeps visitors and residents busy all year long. The one thing the city has that everyone would be happy doing without is its variety of rodents and urban wildlife.

New York City is known to have more than its share of rats but there are other four-legged varmints patrolling the city streets and parks looking or food. Add raccoons and squirrels to the mix and you have a lot of critters cruising around town.

For a first hand look at the rodents in action, take a look at some of the videos that have gone viral. From a drunken raccoon and milkshake drinking squirrel to a rat and a pigeon squaring off over a snack, you’ll see why these critters are street savvy when it comes to finding food.

Rodents and wildlife carry disease and for this reason alone, you don’t want them in or around your property. Plus, in the case of squirrels, they can damage the wiring in your attic.

NYC rodent control is an ongoing process and we can help. If you have pesky pests skittering around your property, now’s the time to get the best in NYC rodent control from Stern Environmental Group. Give us a call and let’s schedule an inspection and a plan of action to rid your property of hungry guests.