NYC Department of Health Plagued by Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Infestations
The Plague of Bed Bugs

If you’ve ever doubted that bed bugs can infest anyplace, anytime, this tidbit of information will make it clear the tiny pests have no boundaries as confirmed by the NYC Department of Health.

The bloodsucking bugs made their presence known in the Long Island City office building much to the employee’s dismay. The sightings weren’t just a few rampant bed bugs but actual colonies that had made their home on the 11th floor.

In an effort for NYC bed bug control steps be put into place, employees had to put their personal items in plastic bags and clean their work area of any clutter in case any bed bugs were in the area.

Bed bugs can be transported into an area by many means including backpacks, totes, bags, and clothing. Just about anywhere where they can hop aboard and get off at a variety of destinations. The pests like warm cozy places like desk drawers, chair cushions, or cracks and crevices in walls.

You’ll know when you’ve been bitten by a bed bug as they leave itchy red welts sometimes mistaken as mosquito bites. Bed bugs are not known to carry any disease but some people do have an allergic reaction when bitten.

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  1. I really disgust these bed bugs. That’s why I always make sure that they’re not welcome in our house by cleaning daily of the clutters and the places where they can stay and grow its colony.

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