Scientists ID Genetic Differences of NYC Bed Bugs by Location

Not All Bed Bugs are the Same
Not All Bed Bugs are the Same

While New York city subways are a mainstay of transportation for residents, people coming to and going from work, and tourists, it’s also a major mode of transport for bed bugs. Yes, these tiny bloodsucking pests are adept at being mobile and the subway has provided the perfect opportunity.

Bed bugs are clingers meaning they move easily from place to place on people’s clothes, shoes, handbags, and any other item they can latch on to. With an estimated 6 million travelers on the subway system moving along multiple routes daily, it’s no wonder bed bugs are infesting areas from north to south.

Better NYC bed bug control is necessary in order to create better insecticides. With this goal in mind, scientists researching the tiny bugs found DNA dispersed throughout the NYC subway system.

Using 1,400 DNA swabs from around the city, researchers determined how the bed bugs evolved and infiltrated so many locations. Swabs were taken not only of the subway cars, but ticket kiosks and turnstiles where people interacted and bed bugs could hop on and continue their journey to multiple destinations.

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Eastern Grey Squirrels Thrive in New York City

The Squirrel Experts
The Eastern Grey Squirrel

In big city urban landscapes it isn’t unusual to find a diverse population of wildlife. In Manhattan, grey squirrels are populating the city and doing rather well.

In a study by Dr. Bill Bateman, grey squirrel behavior was the target of observation to determine the squirrels’ interaction with pedestrians using the same pathways in their chosen areas.

The study focused on whether squirrels held their ground, so to speak, when approached, whether direct eye contact made a difference in their decision to stay or flee, flight initiation distance, and how far each individual squirrel fled when approached.

It seems squirrels are quite adaptable when it comes to interacting with humans as a small percentage – 5 percent – moved off a sidewalk or pathway when a pedestrian approached and looked at them. In the squirrels eyes, this was predictable behavior. Interestingly enough, a whopping 90 percent moved away if the pedestrian moved off of the shared sidewalk while making eye contact because it was unpredictable.

More research is underway at Curtin and Murdoch University to study and understand how NYC squirrel control can be better adapted to maintain their habitat in urban environments while keeping both squirrels and humans sharing the same locations, safe.

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NYC Hotel Association Reports 65% of Members Report Bed Bug Incidents

Guests are Reporting Bed Bugs in More Hotels
Guests are Reporting Bed Bugs in More Hotels

There is still a misconception about bedbugs and where they’re most likely to be found. For some, not all, there is the thought that bedbugs only inhabit unclean places or people. This is not the case as noted by some of the top ranking hotels in New York City.

Bedbugs are opportunists with no boundaries when it comes to infiltrating a home or business. They don’t care if it’s a 5-star hotel, upscale restaurant, limo, or a conference room on Wall Street.

The fact is, they’ll hop aboard any mode of transportation, which includes people, and hop off at wherever that person’s destination may be. For people traveling, bedbugs can be in coach as well as the first class section.

The bloodsucking pests are on the lookout for dry, snug, and safe places, which includes suitcases. This is one reason bedbugs are found in hotels around the world, not just the swankiest New York City accommodations.

While bedbug bites create a red and extremely itchy bite, they are not known to carry disease but may cause an allergic reaction in some people.

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Squirrel Pack Moves Indoors to Terrorize Apartment Dweller

Squirrels, Not Mice are Moving In
Squirrels, Not Mice are Moving In

In today’s world of over-crowded cities and natural habitat areas being destroyed, wildlife is having a tough time finding a safe place to call home.

In Manhattan, one soon-to-be squirrel mama took the situation into her own paws and went scouting for a cozy place to set up housekeeping and a nursery. Much to a resident’s surprise, the squirrel made her way into his apartment by gnawing through a screen.

Squirrels are not only quick, they’re pretty smart as any NYC squirrel control expert will tell you. In the case of the mama squirrel, she moved in and took over the man’s sofa as her space to have her babies.

Unfortunately, the resident, an elderly man, attempted to remove the babies from the sofa and mom went on the attack. He was bitten and scratched, but otherwise, okay after being checked at a nearby hospital and receiving a tetanus shot.

Squirrels are creatures of habit and will return to the same location year after year especially when they find the perfect place to nest.

If your home or yard has been infiltrated by squirrels or any other type of wildlife, it’s recommended that you call a pest control company that provides humane wildlife removal services.

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44% Increase of Bed Bug Complaints Plague NYC Reputation

NYC's Bed Bug Problem
NYC’s Bed Bug Problem

New York City has a problem and it comes in the shape of a tiny bug that likes to bite and create itching red welts, and in some cases, allergic reactions.

The infamous multi-legged pest is the notorious bed bug known as a worldwide traveler and lover of hotels, motels, planes, trains, automobiles and anything else they can infiltrate.

In New York City, hotels are being hit hard with a 44 percent increase with infestations and this includes some 5-star accommodations.

Bed bugs do not play favorites. They don’t care how expensive or inexpensive a place may be. If it has cozy hiding places and a buffet of people to dine on, they’ll settle in for an extended period.

Hotels aren’t alone in the quest to fight bed bugs. They’re found in schools, churches, restaurants, and tucked away in homes and businesses.

While bed bugs aren’t known as disease carriers, their feeding habit of dining on human blood makes for an uncomfortable night’s sleep.

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