Manhattan Rat Complaints Skyrocket

NYC Rats are Out of Control
NYC Rats are Out of Control

New York City is under siege from an ever-growing population of rats infiltrating nooks and crannies throughout multiple neighborhoods. Many of the burrows are experiencing an influx in rat activity and they want the pests gone. In an attempt to quell the rodents, the city implemented a NYC rat control program to improve areas by sealing up holes where rats like to hide.

The areas addressed include Mount Hope, Grand Concourse, East Harlem, Belmont, the East Village and Manhattan Valley. Chinatown, which is also seeing an increase by 140 percent in the rat population over the past five years, is next on the agenda to seal up potential rat residences.

One of the ways New York City is fighting the rat race is through sterilization which can help deplete the population without eliminating it entirely. This is a positive step towards rat control to keep the city streets healthy.

Our NYC rat control specialists at Stern Environmental Group are trained to tackle the problem of renegade rodents infesting your living space, and even under the hood of your car where they find numerous places for nesting as well as wires to chew.

If you’re already experiencing a rodent problem or if you’re seeing signs that a potential problem may be on the horizon, call us at Stern Environmental and let us get a program started to take care of these bacteria and disease carrying rodents.