Time’s Square Theater Hit with Bed Bugs – Again

Bed Bugs On Stage
Bed Bugs On Stage

When you go to the theater, the last thing you expect to be the star of the show is bed bugs but this was the case at a Time’s Square venue. Not only that, it was a repeat performance by the pesky pests.

Movie goers definitely got more than they bargained for when bed bugs took center stage as they bit their way among the customers. Unfortunately for the theater, this was the second instance of bed bugs on the premises. A previous infestation resulted in the theater closing while the problem was addressed by a NYC bed bug control company.

Bed bugs can easily infest any area by hitching a ride on clothing, shoes, book bags, or any other available mode of transport. Once the person enters an establishment whether it’s their home, restaurant, taxi, bus, or movie theater, the bugs take up residence in snug places such as in the crease of theater seats.

Their bite leaves uncomfortable red itchy welts and sometimes a red itchy rash.

NYC bed bug control is on the top of the list of priorities for residents and businesses. The blood-sucking bugs are on the rise not on in New York City, but around the world.

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