Landlord Sues Tennant for Serious Bed Bug Infestation

Tennent Taken to Court for Bed Bug Infestation
Tennant Taken to Court for Bed Bug Infestation

Just when you think you’ve heard it all about bed bug horror stories, up crops another one. In New York’s Upper West Side, a landlord is suing one of his tenants due to an above average bed bug infestation in his apartment.

Complaints from tenants prompted the landlord to have an exterminator inspect the property where he found five apartments infected with one apartment identified as the main source of the infestation. The exterminator instructed the tenant how to treat his apartment to eliminate the source.

The tenant ignored the instructions sitting infected clothing and personal items in the hallway allowing the critters to set up new households in surrounding apartments.

The tenant was also asked permission to allow the exterminator to treat his car which was also infected but the tenant refused. This lead to a continual flow of bed bugs moving into the building.

In a nutshell, the tenant became a mobile travel agent for the bed bugs and because of his failure and refusal to treat his apartment and car is now being sued for several hundred thousand dollars by the landlord for damages and legal fees.

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