44% Increase of Bed Bug Complaints Plague NYC Reputation

NYC's Bed Bug Problem
NYC’s Bed Bug Problem

New York City has a problem and it comes in the shape of a tiny bug that likes to bite and create itching red welts, and in some cases, allergic reactions.

The infamous multi-legged pest is the notorious bed bug known as a worldwide traveler and lover of hotels, motels, planes, trains, automobiles and anything else they can infiltrate.

In New York City, hotels are being hit hard with a 44 percent increase with infestations and this includes some 5-star accommodations.

Bed bugs do not play favorites. They don’t care how expensive or inexpensive a place may be. If it has cozy hiding places and a buffet of people to dine on, they’ll settle in for an extended period.

Hotels aren’t alone in the quest to fight bed bugs. They’re found in schools, churches, restaurants, and tucked away in homes and businesses.

While bed bugs aren’t known as disease carriers, their feeding habit of dining on human blood makes for an uncomfortable night’s sleep.

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