Squirrel Pack Moves Indoors to Terrorize Apartment Dweller

Squirrels, Not Mice are Moving In
Squirrels, Not Mice are Moving In

In today’s world of over-crowded cities and natural habitat areas being destroyed, wildlife is having a tough time finding a safe place to call home.

In Manhattan, one soon-to-be squirrel mama took the situation into her own paws and went scouting for a cozy place to set up housekeeping and a nursery. Much to a resident’s surprise, the squirrel made her way into his apartment by gnawing through a screen.

Squirrels are not only quick, they’re pretty smart as any NYC squirrel control expert will tell you. In the case of the mama squirrel, she moved in and took over the man’s sofa as her space to have her babies.

Unfortunately, the resident, an elderly man, attempted to remove the babies from the sofa and mom went on the attack. He was bitten and scratched, but otherwise, okay after being checked at a nearby hospital and receiving a tetanus shot.

Squirrels are creatures of habit and will return to the same location year after year especially when they find the perfect place to nest.

If your home or yard has been infiltrated by squirrels or any other type of wildlife, it’s recommended that you call a pest control company that provides humane wildlife removal services.

At Stern Environmental Group, our NYC squirrel control specialists have the experience to trap and remove unwanted house guests. Call us today to set up an appointment for quick service.


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  1. At the last house my husband and I rented – a squirrel came in through the attic and somehow dug her way down into our wall. She ended up having babies in our wall. We had someone come out and get her and the babies and they were released back into the wild. Thankfully, no one (us or the squirrels) were hurt. It is important to call in the professionals when you have an issue such as this. I made sure to get a company that would do a catch and release. Thanks for sharing!

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