NYC Hotel Association Reports 65% of Members Report Bed Bug Incidents

Guests are Reporting Bed Bugs in More Hotels
Guests are Reporting Bed Bugs in More Hotels

There is still a misconception about bedbugs and where they’re most likely to be found. For some, not all, there is the thought that bedbugs only inhabit unclean places or people. This is not the case as noted by some of the top ranking hotels in New York City.

Bedbugs are opportunists with no boundaries when it comes to infiltrating a home or business. They don’t care if it’s a 5-star hotel, upscale restaurant, limo, or a conference room on Wall Street.

The fact is, they’ll hop aboard any mode of transportation, which includes people, and hop off at wherever that person’s destination may be. For people traveling, bedbugs can be in coach as well as the first class section.

The bloodsucking pests are on the lookout for dry, snug, and safe places, which includes suitcases. This is one reason bedbugs are found in hotels around the world, not just the swankiest New York City accommodations.

While bedbug bites create a red and extremely itchy bite, they are not known to carry disease but may cause an allergic reaction in some people.

Getting rid of the pests requires the expert help and services of NYC bed bug control technicians. If your home or business is experiencing a bed bug infestation, contact us at Stern Environmental Group. We have the NYC bed bug control specialists who know how to take the bite out of your problem.