Scientists ID Genetic Differences of NYC Bed Bugs by Location

Not All Bed Bugs are the Same
Not All Bed Bugs are the Same

While New York city subways are a mainstay of transportation for residents, people coming to and going from work, and tourists, it’s also a major mode of transport for bed bugs. Yes, these tiny bloodsucking pests are adept at being mobile and the subway has provided the perfect opportunity.

Bed bugs are clingers meaning they move easily from place to place on people’s clothes, shoes, handbags, and any other item they can latch on to. With an estimated 6 million travelers on the subway system moving along multiple routes daily, it’s no wonder bed bugs are infesting areas from north to south.

Better NYC bed bug control is necessary in order to create better insecticides. With this goal in mind, scientists researching the tiny bugs found DNA dispersed throughout the NYC subway system.

Using 1,400 DNA swabs from around the city, researchers determined how the bed bugs evolved and infiltrated so many locations. Swabs were taken not only of the subway cars, but ticket kiosks and turnstiles where people interacted and bed bugs could hop on and continue their journey to multiple destinations.

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