Landlord Sues Tennant for Serious Bed Bug Infestation

Tennent Taken to Court for Bed Bug Infestation
Tennant Taken to Court for Bed Bug Infestation

Just when you think you’ve heard it all about bed bug horror stories, up crops another one. In New York’s Upper West Side, a landlord is suing one of his tenants due to an above average bed bug infestation in his apartment.

Complaints from tenants prompted the landlord to have an exterminator inspect the property where he found five apartments infected with one apartment identified as the main source of the infestation. The exterminator instructed the tenant how to treat his apartment to eliminate the source.

The tenant ignored the instructions sitting infected clothing and personal items in the hallway allowing the critters to set up new households in surrounding apartments.

The tenant was also asked permission to allow the exterminator to treat his car which was also infected but the tenant refused. This lead to a continual flow of bed bugs moving into the building.

In a nutshell, the tenant became a mobile travel agent for the bed bugs and because of his failure and refusal to treat his apartment and car is now being sued for several hundred thousand dollars by the landlord for damages and legal fees.

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Top NYC Law Firm Struggles with Bed Bug Infestation

NYC Law Firm Struggles With Bed Bugs
NYC Law Firm Struggles With Bed Bugs

Even the letter of the law doesn’t deter roving bed bugs from their quest to find warm homes and an ongoing buffet of humans to fed upon.

A large New York law firm is fighting what seems to be an on-going battle with the tiny bugs as they rampage through the 24th floor of the building.

After evidence was found putting the bed bug culprits at the scene of the crime, exterminators were brought in to check for more damaging evidence. After thoroughly investigating, the exterminator found that several areas were infected.

Employees working in the infected areas, while not pointed out as suspects, may have been the source of the infestation without even knowing it.

Bed bugs use any opportunity available to travel from area to area. This can be as easy as grabbing on to someone’s clothing, briefcase, purse, or backpack while they’re traveling on the subway, bus, taxi or car.

It could also be the bugs attached themselves when someone stopped at the local cafe for an espresso and they took the bed bugs into their office.

NYC bed bug control is something you need to be on the lookout for because they can be anywhere, at anytime. Bed bugs do not play favorites.

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Time’s Square Theater Hit with Bed Bugs – Again

Bed Bugs On Stage
Bed Bugs On Stage

When you go to the theater, the last thing you expect to be the star of the show is bed bugs but this was the case at a Time’s Square venue. Not only that, it was a repeat performance by the pesky pests.

Movie goers definitely got more than they bargained for when bed bugs took center stage as they bit their way among the customers. Unfortunately for the theater, this was the second instance of bed bugs on the premises. A previous infestation resulted in the theater closing while the problem was addressed by a NYC bed bug control company.

Bed bugs can easily infest any area by hitching a ride on clothing, shoes, book bags, or any other available mode of transport. Once the person enters an establishment whether it’s their home, restaurant, taxi, bus, or movie theater, the bugs take up residence in snug places such as in the crease of theater seats.

Their bite leaves uncomfortable red itchy welts and sometimes a red itchy rash.

NYC bed bug control is on the top of the list of priorities for residents and businesses. The blood-sucking bugs are on the rise not on in New York City, but around the world.

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NYC Chinatown Rats Move Into Man’s Auto Engine Compartment

Army of Rats
Chinatown Rats

No one likes a rat but unfortunately, they’re part of the landscape in cities from coast to coast. These busy rodents spend a good portion of their time on the lookout for food, water, and a warm and cozy place to call home.

One place you may think is safe from inquisitive rodents is under the hood of your car. Think again. This is the perfect spot to make a nest. They’re up off the ground, can’t get rained on, and have all sorts of nooks and crannies around the engine, transmission and battery to snuggle down.

They also like to chew and what better place to have a smorgasbord of wires to nibble on than under the hood of your vehicle. Needless to say, chewing through the wires is going to cause problems.

Keeping up with NYC rat control is ongoing with one of the newest techniques geared towards birth control to help keep the population within reason. This is to everyone’s benefit as rats carry a list of bacteria and diseases including E.coli,, tuberculosis, salmonella and the plague.

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Manhattan Rat Complaints Skyrocket

NYC Rats are Out of Control
NYC Rats are Out of Control

New York City is under siege from an ever-growing population of rats infiltrating nooks and crannies throughout multiple neighborhoods. Many of the burrows are experiencing an influx in rat activity and they want the pests gone. In an attempt to quell the rodents, the city implemented a NYC rat control program to improve areas by sealing up holes where rats like to hide.

The areas addressed include Mount Hope, Grand Concourse, East Harlem, Belmont, the East Village and Manhattan Valley. Chinatown, which is also seeing an increase by 140 percent in the rat population over the past five years, is next on the agenda to seal up potential rat residences.

One of the ways New York City is fighting the rat race is through sterilization which can help deplete the population without eliminating it entirely. This is a positive step towards rat control to keep the city streets healthy.

Our NYC rat control specialists at Stern Environmental Group are trained to tackle the problem of renegade rodents infesting your living space, and even under the hood of your car where they find numerous places for nesting as well as wires to chew.

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