Brace Yourself for Increased Pest Activity This Year Due to Warmer Weather

Brace Yourself For the Warm Weather Pests
Brace Yourself For the Warm Weather Pests

Winter’s record warmth in recent years has the need for NJ pest control services on the rise, and this winter’s shockingly high temperatures aren’t helping matters.

Are temperatures that out of the ordinary?
The 2015-2016 winter season was the warmest meteorological winter on record, with February achieving record-breaking warmth – 0.5 degrees Celsius warmer than the previous hottest February on record. Think that doesn’t sound like much? Record temperatures are typically measured in hundredths of a degree!

What’s the big deal?
While many welcome the warmer weather, overly warm winters and “false springs” mixed with smatterings of hot, summer-like days can create chaos for earth’s fragile ecosystems, especially its insect inhabitants.

Why does it affect pest populations?
Cold temperatures, particularly freezes and frosts, are a must for insect population control, including pests that carry illness-causing pathogens like mosquitoes and ticks. When winter weather patterns change, it affects disease carrying insect populations for good – and for bad.

How bad is it?
At a time when an unknown menace like the Zika virus is thriving and being spread via mosquitoes, the warmer weather propping up pest populations amounts to troubling news for people across the U.S.

Pest problems from overly warm winter weather have you feeling a little hot around the collar? Stern can put a freeze on any insect infestation. Contact us to schedule NJ pest control services for your home or business today.