Are You in the new “Zika Zone”?

Insect Facts
The Zika Zone

While many people look forward to the warm summer months to enjoy outdoor activities, this year may be a different story especially for folks living in the southeastern portion of the U.S. The reason is the warm and wet weather will be inviting to the Aedes aegypti which is the formal name of the Zika virus-carrying mosquito.

A recent study found 50 cities in the U.S, that will potentially have the ideal conditions for the mosquito in the coming months with July being targeted as the month when the highest population of the mosquitoes will be in residence.

While the west coast has a low level of probability at this time, and the central states have a moderate chance of infestation, states such as Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Hawaii and Puerto Rico have been designated as hot spots for the blood sucking pests. It’s also noted the mosquitoes have already been spotted as far up the east coast as New York and along the U.S. – Mexico border.

Be aware that this threat is a reality and secure your home with new window screens, seal cracks and crevices where the bugs can enter, empty standing water in your yard, and use a repellent when going outdoors.

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University of Cincinnati Studies Bed Bug Genome In Extermination Effort

Bed Bugs
NYC Bed Bug Control

NYC bed bug control can be a nightmare, that’s why Dr. Joshua Benoit, Biological Sciences professor at UC, is working with a team of scientists on the International Bed Bug Genome Project. The hope? That determining the genetic makeup of the blood sucking pests will lead to an insecticide that eradicates the bed bugs once and for all.

According to the CDC, bed bugs were virtually wiped out in the 40s and 50s by DDT, later banned in the U.S. in 1972 and then worldwide in 2001 as part of the Stockholm Convention. The bothersome bugs have since developed a resistance to other alternative pesticides, returning in higher numbers. As a result, area health departments have been trying to educate citizens on NYC bed bug control measures, pointing to the importance of professional help in the event of infestations.

Don’t let the door hit ‘ya…
The pesky pests have little ecological value, and their population is growing at alarming rates, ramping up pressure on scientists to develop an effective – and permanent – way to kill them. To accomplish this, researchers are sequencing and examining the bed bug’s genome (its genetic blueprint) to study it and formulate a better solution than currently exists with today’s methods.

Luckily, until scientists work out a more permanent solution, Stern has you covered. Contact us and learn more about our effective and non-toxic Cryonite® treatments today.


Brace Yourself for Increased Pest Activity This Year Due to Warmer Weather

Brace Yourself For the Warm Weather Pests
Brace Yourself For the Warm Weather Pests

Winter’s record warmth in recent years has the need for NJ pest control services on the rise, and this winter’s shockingly high temperatures aren’t helping matters.

Are temperatures that out of the ordinary?
The 2015-2016 winter season was the warmest meteorological winter on record, with February achieving record-breaking warmth – 0.5 degrees Celsius warmer than the previous hottest February on record. Think that doesn’t sound like much? Record temperatures are typically measured in hundredths of a degree!

What’s the big deal?
While many welcome the warmer weather, overly warm winters and “false springs” mixed with smatterings of hot, summer-like days can create chaos for earth’s fragile ecosystems, especially its insect inhabitants.

Why does it affect pest populations?
Cold temperatures, particularly freezes and frosts, are a must for insect population control, including pests that carry illness-causing pathogens like mosquitoes and ticks. When winter weather patterns change, it affects disease carrying insect populations for good – and for bad.

How bad is it?
At a time when an unknown menace like the Zika virus is thriving and being spread via mosquitoes, the warmer weather propping up pest populations amounts to troubling news for people across the U.S.

Pest problems from overly warm winter weather have you feeling a little hot around the collar? Stern can put a freeze on any insect infestation. Contact us to schedule NJ pest control services for your home or business today.