Carpet Beetle Makes the Top Five Pests to Hate

The Hated Carpet Beetle
The Hated Carpet Beetle

The world is full of a variety of bugs. And while many go on their way every day, minding their own business, there is another group that has made the top five list of most hated pests.

The list includes itchy-scratchy bed bugs, creepy crawling spiders, American and German cockroaches, and the ever clever house mouse.

Fifth on the list and one that is notorious for eating up the items in your home, literally, are carpet beetles. You definitely need the help of a NYC pest control company to eradicate these hungry pests.

This small bug has a penchant for furniture and clothing. Animal products are their favorite source of nourishment. This means anything in your home like calf-skin boots, leather sofas, feather boas, wool sweaters, fur-lined jackets, even cotton items are at high risk of becoming a breakfast, lunch, or dinner entree.

Synthetic materials are also a food source. Although not as nutritious as the real-deal animal products, carpet beetles will chew on synthetic items as well, only they’ll increase their plate in an attempt to even out the nutrients they’re not getting as compared to animal products.

At the end of the day, carpet beetles can inflict a lot of damage inside your home that results in costly replacements.

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