Are You Crazy About Crazy Ants?

Keep Crazy Ants Out Of Your Home
Keep Crazy Ants Out Of Your Home

The Caribbean crazy ant is known for its erratic zigzagging and start and stopping habits when running around areas on the hunt for food. They’re identifiable by their dark brown color that can also be almost black, highlighted with a gray or tawny sheen.

Caribbean crazy ants are found in all regions of the U.S. and once they’ve taken over an area, such as your home, they need the attention of a NYC pest control specialist.

Like most ants, the Caribbean crazy ant has an appetite. The Caribbean feeds primarily on dead insects, and fruits and seeds that create a sweet liquid.

The ants, while both indoors and outdoors, move their food hunting adventures to the indoors during cold northern winters as they cannot survive the temperatures. During the fall season, they move indoors due to a lack of food sources.

While not a health threat, they are a nuisance once they enter the home and scurry over counter tops in search of food. To help prevent these tiny fast-moving pests from entering your home, be prepared by doing a visual check and sealing any openings, especially around windows and doors where they can gain entry.

When ants are on the march in your home, you need the services of a NYC pest control specialist to give them the boot. Contact our staff at Stern Environmental Group to set up an appointment for immediate action.