What to Look for in a Commercial Pest Control Service

See your options with Personalized Treatment.
See your options with Personalized Treatment.

Where there are people, there are pests. You want to protect your customers and employees from the risks that come along with pest infestations. Doing so is a task that is best handled by trained professionals. Here are a few things you should look for when choosing a commercial pest control service for your business.


All NYC commercial pest control service providers must comply with state and local laws. At the minimum, you want to be sure a provider is properly licensed and experienced in your area. Verify their license is current and review comments from past customers.

Treatment Methods

Pests are elusive, persistent, and procreate rapidly. You want a company that uses innovative, effective, and environmentally-friendly treatment methods that keep your business pest-free without creating an unsafe environment for your employees and guests.

Technicians may use chemicals for treatment. They should explain why they use certain methods and if there are any possible adverse effects or non-chemical options.

Personalized Service

Each business is unique. The best treatment program for a small restaurant is not right for a large furniture warehouse or hotel. Your technician should conduct a detailed inspection of your location and provide you with a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs.

Stern Environmental Group has more than 17 years experience providing top quality NYC commercial pest control. Contact us today for more information on how we can protect your business.

Professional Pest Exterminators Get to the Root of Your Pest Problem

Choose The Safe Solution That's Guaranteed to Work
Choose The Safe Solution That’s Guaranteed to Work

You want your business to operate as efficiently as possible and you’re mindful of costs in all matters. It may be tempting to opt for some do-it-yourself solutions when it comes to eliminating pests. However, that approach can end up costing you more in the long run, without getting to the root of your pest problem.

Why not hire a professional NJ pest control expert and consult with them on the best prevention program for your business?

Consider the health of your customers and employees

Pests bring with them elevated risks of disease for anyone who enters an infested building. The droppings and body body parts of cockroaches are especially troublesome to people who already have health issues like asthma. Cockroaches carry E coli and salmonella on their bodies and can easily spread these viruses on surfaces in food areas and counter tops.

Many off-the-shelf treatments contain chemicals that harm people and pets as well as the pests you are hoping to eliminate. Using these methods require you to take time to read the small print and then follow all necessary procedures for usage.

The NJ pest control professionals at Stern Environmental are trained in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques that ensure the safety of your employees and customers. We develop a plan to keep pests out of your business. Contact us today for a consultation and service plan tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Should You Trust Amazon with Your Pest Management Needs?

Don't Let Your Office Building Fall Prey to an Ant Infestation!
Don’t Let Your Office Building Fall Prey to an Ant Infestation!

Amazon has begun a do-it-yourself pest management system, where the customer determines which pest they have, and then they contract an exterminator through Amazon. This may seem like a good idea, but it may not be the best choice.


You may see ants in your office, so you decide to call a specialist that will take care of your ant problem. But, what kind of ants are they? Carpenter ants don’t care about the food in your break room; they eat the wood in your beams and studs. Ants you find in your break room don’t care about wood at all! And what about termites, which might look like ants, but require an entirely different method to exterminate them?

If You Guess Wrong

If your identification is not right, you may have to pay for a service you don’t need, and then call in someone else who can get the job done. If this is beginning to sound like more of a hassle than it’s worth, the solution is to call a NYC commercial pest control company that will identify your pest problem and take care of it for you.

Take the guesswork out of your pest control problem. For more detailed information about eradicating the insect or animal infestation on your property, contact the Stern Environmental Group. We offer programs to combat virtually any type of pest infestation for both residential and commercial applications.

Stinkbugs Stymie Pest Control Plans

Stinkbugs Stymie Pest Control Plans
Stinkbugs Stymie Pest Control Plans

Stinkbugs; their name alone conjures up a mental picture of what these pests look and smell like.

About Stinkbugs

They’re small with an unusual and distinctive shape. The odor they emit is similar to coriander, which often times has a pungent citrus smell such as lime or lemon. A stinkbug dispenses the odor whenever it feels threatened.

Stinkbugs are all about eating fruit and vegetables, which makes them healthy and hardy. Considered an agricultural pest, stinkbugs wreak havoc on crops, as well as backyard, container, and vertical gardens.

The presence of stinkbugs in the U.S. is relatively new as they’ve been making their way across America for around 20 years.

Removing Stinkbugs

Removing stinkbugs has proven to be a challenge for growers and researchers trying to find an effective solution to protecting crops.

Multiple areas of research have determined there are several methods to slow down damage to crops using natural methods, pheromone-baited traps, and the help of NJ pest control specialists.

Once stinkbugs invade your garden, they’re residents for life. When fall arrives and winter is close behind, they’ll move from their food source and into your home to hibernate.

When stinkbugs are invading your territory, it’s time to call on professional NJ pest control specialists to eradicate the problem.

At Stern Environmental, we know all about these stinky pests. Give us a call and set up appointment; we’ll take it from there.

How Stern’s RTM Lowers Pest Monitoring Personnel Costs

Stern's RTM Size
Stern’s RTM Size

Pests are small, elusive, persistent, and capable of reproducing rapidly. Because of their small size, pests can easily navigate areas of buildings that people can’t physically access.

These pests set their own schedule, and for the most part are savvy enough to avoid being seen. By the time you do notice bedbugs, the infestation is probably at an advanced stage. It is not humanly possible to effectively monitor and detect their activity without some round-the-clock technology. That is why you need Stern’s Real Time Monitoring (RTM).

What is Stern’s RTM?

Stern’s RTM for bedbugs is a comprehensive, multi-pronged method of monitoring for bedbugs in hotels and motels, college dormitories, shelters, nursing homes, and other businesses.

The RTM system uses traps with a heated pest containment drawer, a lure compartment and dispenser, and a LED alert trigger light. It includes thermal and accelerometer sensors that detect heat, vibrations, and sounds from bedbugs.

Stern’s system continuously captures images of the heated containment drawer chambers. The proprietary visualization technology of the RTM recognizes if a pest has entered one of the chambers and captures photos or videos of its activity. When a pest is detected, alert messages are sent by email or text message.

Stern’s RTM for bedbugs provides real-time monitoring and significantly lowers personnel costs by allowing managers to detect infestations in the early and more manageable stages. Contact Stern Environmental today for more information.