Everything You Wanted to Know About the Brown Banded Cockroach

Call Stern Environmental for Cockroach Control!
Call Stern Environmental for Cockroach Control!

No one wants bugs in their home or business, especially cockroaches that are known carriers of disease. One familiar cockroach that may be encroaching on your territory is the brown-banded cockroach.

Brown-banded Statistics

Brown-banded cockroaches have a couple of distinguishing characteristics that can help you recognize these pesky pests.

• The cockroaches have dark brown bodies with two pronounced lighter bands running across the top of their bodies.

• The male roaches have a full set of wings that extend beyond the front of their bodies. Their wings allow them to fly wherever their flight plan takes them.

• Females do not have the luxury of aerial escapades. Their wings are undeveloped and more of a cosmetic feature.

• Both male and female brown-banded cockroaches have an approximate lifespan of 206 days.

• The brown-banded cockroach can carry an estimated 33 types of bacteria, six types of worms, and seven additional pathogens unhealthy to humans. For this characteristic alone, consult with a NYC pest control company to remove them from your property.

Brown-banded Habits

This species of cockroach is found throughout the U.S. They prefer warm and dry locations in higher locations such as cabinets. They also hide their egg cases in out-of-the-way places such as under sofas, chairs, nightstands, and beds.

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