Green Pest Control – Is the “Knock-Down” Wait Warranted?

Green Pest Control
Green Pest Control

The traditional way to handle pests is by spraying them with chemicals that are designed to kill them. While this can be an effective way to deal with pests on the premises, it can have serious health consequences for humans and animals.

Safer Pest Control Options

Green pest control provides a more effective and safer way to get rid of pests in and around buildings. This type of pest control involves using nontoxic forms of treatment to destroy pests that have already infested a building. It also involves taking steps to ensure that no more pests can enter the building and taking preventive measures to lower the risk of infestations in the first place.

Our NJ green pest control company uses integrated pest management, which focuses on finding out why pests are entering a building and discouraging them from doing so. For example, buildings might have bug infestations due to a water leak or due to food items being left around. Fixing the leak or ensuring that no food items are left out means that pests are less likely to come in. This can help prevent infestations or lower the risk of having existing infestations become even larger and more difficult to control.

If you’d like to know more about NJ green pest control, please contact Stern Environmental. We offer nontoxic forms of pest control and effective methods for keeping pests away.