Get Ready for a Plague of Stink Bugs this Summer!

This Voracious Eater Can Cause Serious Crop Damage
This Voracious Eater Can Cause Serious Crop Damage

Stink bugs may not be a high priority on your pest radar, but this little bug is a voracious eater of plants, particularly the fruiting kind, ornamentals and other edibles.

In fact, the stink bug annually causes millions of dollars of crop damage per year and is considered a major agricultural pest on the West Coast.

A particular type, called the brown marmorated stink bug, was first discovered in Pennsylvania during the 1990’s. It is originally from Asia, so it has few natural enemies in the U.S., and it’s also resistant to a wide variety of pesticides. In other words, it is difficult for consumers to control.

They Love Warmth

They thrive in warmer weather, and over-winter inside buildings. There are true stories of people hauling stink bugs out of their attics in gallon buckets. That’s how prolific they are.

Brown marmorated stink bugs are easy to identify. They have flattened arrow-shaped bodies with white stripes on their antennae. In the summer they will be out and about, but come fall, they will be looking for a place inside buildings to hide from the coming cold weather.

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