Thick Skinned Bed Bugs Appear Impervious to Bed Bug Sprays

Spraying insecticide on cockroach
Bed Bugs are Adapting

Finding bed bugs in your business might have you reaching for bug spray to get rid of them, but most common sprays are proving to be ineffective. Researchers have discovered that bed bugs are developing resistance to the chemicals used in OTC bug sprays.

Thick Skinned Bed Bugs

These pests have been developing new ways to resist insecticides, which has led to widespread bed bug infestations around the world. Researchers at the University of Sydney recently found that some bed bugs are growing a thicker skin that helps protect them from insecticides. Those that have thicker cuticles are able to withstand exposure to chemical levels that would normally kill them.

What does this mean for NYC business owners? While common sprays might not work, our NYC bed bug specialists have other methods of getting rid of these blood-sucking pests. These methods are nontoxic and are highly effective at eliminating bed bugs and preventing additional infestations from occurring. We encourage business owners throughout NYC to learn more about our services in order to keep bed bugs at bay.

Don’t let bed bugs affect your business. Contact the NYC bed bug specialists at Stern Environmental before these pests become a major nuisance. We can handle current infestations and prevent new ones from happening.