California Neighborhood Overrun by Brazen Daytime Rat Pack

Army of Rats
Packs of Rats

It can happen anywhere, anytime, and in any city, suburb, or rural area. Rats. These rodents are an unwanted pest on many levels. From posing health problems to causing damage to your home or vehicle, rats are not the residents you want living in your neighborhood.

In California, residents noticed an abundance of the normally nocturnal pests roaming the yards in their neighborhood even during the day. With so many rats out and about, residents were at a disadvantage in getting them under control.

The city blamed the rash of rats on a drought the area was experiencing. Rats need water to survive and the lack of it had the rodents looking for resources in and around neighborhood homes. Unfortunately, nothing the residents did to curtail the raging rat packs was working and the neighborhood remained rat-ridden.

If this type of situation occurred in New York City, a NYC rodent control specialist would be the first person to call. With their knowledge, experience, rat removal techniques, and extermination services, the rat infestation would be under control quickly and efficiently.

While considering if NYC rodent control is something you need to take advantage of, don’t try to handle the job yourself and don’t wait until the rats have found a way into your home.

Pick up the phone and call Stern Environment Group for immediate assistance. Our trained technicians know how to send rampant rodents packing.

Rare Squirrel Pack Attack Injures Three Year Old

Rare Squirrel Pack Attack Injures Three Year Old
Rare Squirrel Pack Attack Injures Three Year Old

Squirrels. They’re entertaining when they’re leaping, climbing and jumping from tree to tree. We’re intrigued by their inquisitiveness and expressive faces and think it’s cute the way they hold tidbits of food in their tiny paws and eat so daintily.

Many people set up squirrel feeding stations in their back yards and watch as they enjoy their snacks. Folks may even give them names and talk to them as they approach the feeders feeling as though they’re family pets.

Unfortunately, people tend to forget that squirrels are wild and potentially dangerous. They’re not domestic pets and should never be approached with that assumption. While they may come up close and seem as though they’re not afraid, this can result in trusting a wild critter when you shouldn’t.

Animals in the wild should be treated as such by being responsible, careful, and safe while in their natural habitat. Attempting to pet or hold a squirrel is dangerous and should be avoided. Hand feeding is also something you never want to attempt. It only takes one skittish or aggressive squirrel to leap and attack. Our NYC squirrel removal is your best solution, especially if children are at risk.

When squirrels make themselves at home in your house or yard, you need the professional services of a NYC squirrel removal specialist. At Stern Environmental Group, we can humanely remove unwanted wildlife with just a call to our office.

More States Fight Bed Bugs in an Expanding Epidemic

More States Fight Bed Bugs in an Expanding Epidemic
More States Fight Bed Bugs in an Expanding Epidemic

As bed bugs make their presence known more and more across the landscape of the country, more states have taken on the task of fighting these bloodsucking insects in what is becoming an expanding epidemic.

Although their name implies that these bugs are found in the bed, the truth is bed bugs have a variety of habitats. Not only will they infest bedding, they are equally at home in sofas, chairs, desk drawers, and just about any dark cozy place where there’s a supply of food. This means you, your family, guests, and customers.

Because of their ability to latch onto moving transport such as buses, trains, planes, backpacks, and totes, bed bugs move from location to location free as a breeze.

Bed bugs are found in public schools, hotels, motels, restaurants, offices, hospitals, apartments, and homes. As your NYC bed bug specialist, we have the latest technology for detecting and fighting these pests for you.

Become acquainted with what bed bugs look like and what to look for in your home. If you find yourself with mysterious bites all over your body, you’ll want to call us so we can quickly eradicate your infestation.

Don’t let the fight against bed bugs wear you down and don’t try to eliminate them on your own. Call Stern Environmental Group today and let one of our NYC bed bug specialist technicians make your property bed bug free.

Scientists Want to Radio-Track Rats As Part of Disease Control Effort

Have a Rat Problem? Call Us. We're On It.
Have a Rat Problem? Call Us. We’re On It.

While rats and disease have always been linked together, NYC scientists want a number of cities to track rats via implanted radio chips in order to determine how much of a threat rats pose to public health.

By implanting a chip the size of a small grain of rice into each rat’s neck, scientists are able to follow them electronically, and periodically test them for traces of pathogens.

How Dangerous are Rodents?

While NYC researchers have already tested their theory with urban rats, they would like other cities across the country to share the cost and follow their instructions so all can learn from their findings. By collecting vast amounts of data on urban rats, their lifestyle and food choices, the information could be instrumental in developing improved methods of controlling the rat population. NYC rodent control companies are already proactive; this will take it to another level.


We know that rats carry serious diseases such as the plague and a form of meningitis, but we don’t know exactly how dangerous rats are to the human population at large. Scientists want to further quantify how rats spread diseases through cuts, scratches and bites, as well as pathogens found in their fleas, feces and urine.

At Stern Environmental Group, our NYC rodent control specialists have the experience necessary to trap and remove rodents from your home or business. Call us to schedule an appointment today.

In Seattle, Rats Are Entering Homes Through Toilet Pipes

Prevent This Opportunist Today!
Prevent This Opportunist Today!

Imagine, if you will, hearing a splashing sound in a rest room toilet, and when you inspect what the sound might be, you find a rat swimming inside of the toilet bowl!

That may sound amusing, unless you’re the person who actually discovers the swimming rat, yet this is not an uncommon occurrence. Rats can and do swim up waste pipes into businesses or homes, and exit the pipes through the toilet bowl.

Drain Pipe Food Trail

As everyone knows, rats occupy sewage pipes in virtually every municipality across the nation. Tons of food waste is washed into the sewage system where rats live, and sometimes they will literally follow a food trail that occurs when food items are washed down drains.


Rats are opportunists, and if they can locate a trail of food, they will follow it wherever it leads. As they make their way up drain pipes, they can only follow the pipes that are large enough to let their bodies fit through, and in most cases the larger toilet drains become their highway. They must exit somewhere to get air, which is why they end up in a toilet bowl.

Flushing the toilet will generally send the rat back to where it came from. But if you want to do more, contact Stern Environmental. For NJ and NYC rodent control, we are the experts.