Get Peace of Mind with Bed Bug Mattress Encasements

Block Bed Bugs From Their Home: The Mattress, With Our Mattress Covers!
Block Bed Bugs From Their Home: The Mattress, With Our Mattress Covers!

Bed bugs are masters at finding hiding places on your mattresses and box springs. They will conceal themselves during the day and come out at night to bite.

One of the best ways to keep bedbugs from finding hiding places on either your mattress or box spring is by using bed bug mattress encasements. These covers lock out bed bugs, giving them no place to hide so your bed set will be pest free. You’ll sleep better at night not having to worry about bed bugs coming out.


The best encasement is called Protect-A-Bed, and it’s easy to install. Just slip one on your mattress and one on your box spring. Bed bugs can’t get in to hide and can’t get out to bite.

Nowhere to Hide

Protect-A-Bed bed bug mattress encasements work just as well for consumer applications as they do in motels, hotels and other commercial/public lodgings. With no seams there are no places to hide, yet the fabric is breathable, soft, cool and comfortable, so there will never be any issues for getting a welcome night’s rest.

Many Sizes to Choose From

Protect-A-Bed mattress and box spring covers fit virtually any sized bed, even cribs, and will give you peace of mind in any home or commercial application.

For more information, contact the Stern Environmental Group. We are the bedbug and pest control experts in NYC and NJ.