In Seattle, Rats Are Entering Homes Through Toilet Pipes

Prevent This Opportunist Today!
Prevent This Opportunist Today!

Imagine, if you will, hearing a splashing sound in a rest room toilet, and when you inspect what the sound might be, you find a rat swimming inside of the toilet bowl!

That may sound amusing, unless you’re the person who actually discovers the swimming rat, yet this is not an uncommon occurrence. Rats can and do swim up waste pipes into businesses or homes, and exit the pipes through the toilet bowl.

Drain Pipe Food Trail

As everyone knows, rats occupy sewage pipes in virtually every municipality across the nation. Tons of food waste is washed into the sewage system where rats live, and sometimes they will literally follow a food trail that occurs when food items are washed down drains.


Rats are opportunists, and if they can locate a trail of food, they will follow it wherever it leads. As they make their way up drain pipes, they can only follow the pipes that are large enough to let their bodies fit through, and in most cases the larger toilet drains become their highway. They must exit somewhere to get air, which is why they end up in a toilet bowl.

Flushing the toilet will generally send the rat back to where it came from. But if you want to do more, contact Stern Environmental. For NJ and NYC rodent control, we are the experts.