Scientists Want to Radio-Track Rats As Part of Disease Control Effort

Have a Rat Problem? Call Us. We're On It.
Have a Rat Problem? Call Us. We’re On It.

While rats and disease have always been linked together, NYC scientists want a number of cities to track rats via implanted radio chips in order to determine how much of a threat rats pose to public health.

By implanting a chip the size of a small grain of rice into each rat’s neck, scientists are able to follow them electronically, and periodically test them for traces of pathogens.

How Dangerous are Rodents?

While NYC researchers have already tested their theory with urban rats, they would like other cities across the country to share the cost and follow their instructions so all can learn from their findings. By collecting vast amounts of data on urban rats, their lifestyle and food choices, the information could be instrumental in developing improved methods of controlling the rat population. NYC rodent control companies are already proactive; this will take it to another level.


We know that rats carry serious diseases such as the plague and a form of meningitis, but we don’t know exactly how dangerous rats are to the human population at large. Scientists want to further quantify how rats spread diseases through cuts, scratches and bites, as well as pathogens found in their fleas, feces and urine.

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