California Neighborhood Overrun by Brazen Daytime Rat Pack

Army of Rats
Packs of Rats

It can happen anywhere, anytime, and in any city, suburb, or rural area. Rats. These rodents are an unwanted pest on many levels. From posing health problems to causing damage to your home or vehicle, rats are not the residents you want living in your neighborhood.

In California, residents noticed an abundance of the normally nocturnal pests roaming the yards in their neighborhood even during the day. With so many rats out and about, residents were at a disadvantage in getting them under control.

The city blamed the rash of rats on a drought the area was experiencing. Rats need water to survive and the lack of it had the rodents looking for resources in and around neighborhood homes. Unfortunately, nothing the residents did to curtail the raging rat packs was working and the neighborhood remained rat-ridden.

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