Tips for Getting Rid of Rats at Your Commercial Property

Prevent This Opportunist Today!
Prevent This Opportunist Today!

The last thing any business wants, or needs, is a rat infestation, but it can happen in a short amount of time. Rats are opportunists using whatever items are available to traverse in and around buildings. Electrical wires, railings, ledges, and tree branches are just a few of the pathways rats will use to access buildings. Also keep in mind that rats can squeeze through an opening no larger than ½-inch.

Lines of Defense Against Rats

There are several things you can do as a business owner to incorporate NYC rat control to protect your property and eliminate an infestation. Each step includes protecting the lines of defense at your property.

Perimeter Baiting – stop rats from crossing the lines with tamper-resistant bait stations using block bait. This type of bait is placed inside the station either horizontally or vertically on a rod for easy access by the rat. Use bait that affects rats only, and is non-harmful to other animals.

Interior Baiting – Place stations at approximately 15- to 30-feet apart.

Exterior Baiting – Outside, rats are drawn to spots emitting warm air and the aroma of food. Use bait stations or traps placed between 30 and 50 feet apart and near every door entrance.

For NYC rat control that can do the job from start to finish, contact our staff at Stern Environmental Group for the latest techniques in ridding your business of a rat infestation.