Seal Up, Trap Up, Clean Up – The CDC Attacks Rats!

Attack The Rats
Attack The Rats

Some helpful tips from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention when it comes to rats can be very helpful in dealing with these disease-carrying rodents.

When rats invade your home or property, it’s time to put some crucial steps into place to prevent intrusion and an infestation. To help get you started, consider these three tips.


Rats can get into your home through the smallest of holes. Inspect the exterior and seal any holes or large crevices to eliminate rodent entry points.


Setting traps can capture any you see around your home. This is a great second step in eliminating rodent residents.


Rats are opportunists when it comes to food sources. Remove any outdoor food sources such as bird feed, sunflower seeds, peanuts for squirrels, and food bowls for pets. Indoors, put pet food bowls away and place dry items such as cereal, crackers, and cookies in sealed containers or canisters.

Putting these tips into practice and maintaining them throughout the year will help keep your home clean and safe. If you see rats, call your NYC rat control professional to ensure the problem is solved and the pesky rodents don’t return.

Our NYC rat control specialists are ready and waiting to rid your property of unwanted rodents. Call us at your earliest sign of rats and let one of our Stern Environmental Group specialists take care of your pest problem.