NYC Government Continues the Fight Against Bed Bugs in Their Own Back Yard

Don't be Negligent! Any Place Can get Bedbugs
Don’t be Negligent! Any Place Can get Bedbugs

Bed bugs are being discovered in more and more places, including New York City’s city council offices on Broadway Street. These irritating insects were found during a standard sweep of the building and an exterminator was called in to stop the infestation before it got out of control.

It Can Happen to Any Company

Though no additional bed bugs were found by the extermination team, the area was treated with an insecticide just to be safe. If bed bugs can get into an area as tightly controlled as the city council chambers for the largest city in America, they likely can find a way into your business as well. Thankfully, as a commercial exterminator, we have the knowledge and equipment to treat bed bug problems in an office or storefront environment.

How a NJ Pest Control Team Can Help Your Business

While you might not think that your business can have bed bugs, it’s possible even for non-residential buildings to suffer bed bug infestations. Just because you don’t sleep in an area doesn’t mean that you’re immune to their itchy, annoying bites. Bed bugs can survive in upholstered furniture and even in walls and carpeting, waiting for unsuspecting humans to sit down so they can start feeding.

If you are interested in learning more about exterminating bed bugs in commercial spaces, get in touch with our team at Stern Environmental by calling 1-888-88STERN (1-888-887-8376).

Hot Luggage Could be a Good Thing for Combatting Bed Bugs


Prevent Bedbugs from Taking Root in Your Home After Traveling
Prevent Bedbugs from Taking Root in Your Home After Traveling.

Bed bugs are fairly resistant to most at-home extermination techniques, but research has shown there’s one technique does them in fairly quickly: heat.

Warming Up Your Luggage

Applying heat to your luggage is an effective way to kill bed bugs, but you need to be able to warm the case and contents to at least 160 degrees. Air coming out of a high-powered hair dryer may work, but it can take quite a while to penetrate the interior. The study found that heat worked best at killing bed bugs that are hitchhiking on the outside surface, where just a few minutes of application at these temperatures exterminated 249 out of 250 of the biting insects.

Bigger Problems Require NYC Pest Control Professionals

Finding a small number of bed bugs, or waking up with bed bug bites, means you need to call an exterminator. Smaller infestations don’t always mean you need to throw away your bedding, including your mattress set, but a significant infestation can end up costing you far more money than receiving treatment from a NYC pest control professional.

Bed bug problems need to be taken care of by professionals. Our team at Stern Environmental can handle any type of bed bug infestation in residential or commercial buildings. Give us a call at 1-888-88STERN to find out more about our services.

The EPA Weighs In on How to Not become a Bed Bug Transporter

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Don’t Become A Bed Bug Transporter

Bed bug bites are so painful and annoying that the EPA considers them a public health pest. Just as they do for infectious diseases, the EPA offers guidance on avoiding and dealing with bed bug infestations.

Know how to avoid becoming a bed bug host, so you’ll be less likely to need NJ pest control services at your home or office.

Prevent the Spread of Bed Bugs at Retail and Office Settings

Any public place can harbor and spread bed bugs, not just hotels and theaters. In your office break room, coat closet, or anywhere with fabric and darkness, bed bugs can hide and hitchhike.

EPA tips to reduce the risk of bed bugs include:

• Train employees on what bed bugs look like and where they hide

• Vacuum frequently

• Keep coat closets and storage areas clean, and regularly inspect them

• Consider storing belongings in private areas rather than communal space

Stop Bed Bugs in Their Tracks

Critically, everyone should know to stay calm and speak up if they spot a bed bug. If someone hides it out of embarrassment, it could worsen the problem. After spotting a bed bug, be proactive and call for NJ pest control to protect your home or workplace.

For swift and non-toxic bed bug treatments, you can trust the cutting-edge bed bug control experts at Stern Environmental. Contact us to describe what you’ve seen and set up an appointment.

Landlords and Bed Bugs – Having a Plan in Advance Mitigates Problems

Landlords Need a Bedbug Plan

As explained by the NYC Pest Control department, every housing building deals with the problem of bed bugs. A bed bug infestation is not a problem that goes away on its own. Formulating a plan in advance and sticking to it can help you deal effectively with the problem from the start. Here are some steps you can take to address the problem:

1. Immediate Response

Don’t put off inspections for another day, but respond immediately to alerts and take a survey of the damage.

2. Collaborate with Residents

Bed bugs are as much the resident’s problem as yours. Try to involve them in the process of de-infestation and impress upon them the role that they must play to keep bed bugs out of the building.

3. Check Adjacent Units

Infestation rarely occurs in isolation. Inspect all nearby and adjacent units to determine how many areas are affected.

4. Make Preparations

Making proper arrangements to prepare for de-infestation will greatly improve your chances of success.

5. Keep an Eye on Treated Areas

The problem doesn’t go away once the bugs have been destroyed. To avoid re-infestation, keep an eye on the area and respond quickly if fresh bugs are seen moving into the unit.

To get the expert help you’ll need to deal with severe NYC Pest Control problems, come on over to sternenvironmental and let our seasoned professionals take the worry off your hands.

When It Comes to Rats, New Orleans May be Worse than NYC

Cities Have Become A Breeding Ground For Pests Like Rats. Contact Us, We Can Help!
Cities Have Become A Breeding Ground For Pests Like Rats. Contact Us, We Can Help!

While cockroaches, rats and mice are a common sight in the New York City area and New Jersey, other places in the U.S. have worse pest problems. That might seem hard to believe, especially for those who have needed NYC or NJ pest control in the past, but the numbers prove it.

New Orleans Is Number One

New Orleans tops the list of pest-infested cities, according to the results of a 2013 American Housing Survey. In this city in the deep South, more than 35 percent of households had cockroach sightings and 2.5 percent had rat sightings. Compare that to New York City, where under 20 percent of households had cockroach sightings and 1.7 percent had rat sightings. In fact, NYC came in at eighth place on the list. Cities with more rats, mice and cockroaches include Birmingham, Tampa, Houston, Memphis, San Antonio and Austin. Cities with fewer pests include Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas, Philadelphia and Charlotte.

Although NJ and NYC aren’t as pest-infested as New Orleans and other southern cities, rodent and bug infestations are still common. Don’t hesitate to take pest control prevention measures to protect your property from these critters. Some of them can damage your property, while others spread disease.

If you need NJ pest control, contact us at Stern Environmental. We use safe and dependable forms of pest control to get rid of rodents, bugs and other pests.