The EPA Weighs In on How to Not become a Bed Bug Transporter

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Don’t Become A Bed Bug Transporter

Bed bug bites are so painful and annoying that the EPA considers them a public health pest. Just as they do for infectious diseases, the EPA offers guidance on avoiding and dealing with bed bug infestations.

Know how to avoid becoming a bed bug host, so you’ll be less likely to need NJ pest control services at your home or office.

Prevent the Spread of Bed Bugs at Retail and Office Settings

Any public place can harbor and spread bed bugs, not just hotels and theaters. In your office break room, coat closet, or anywhere with fabric and darkness, bed bugs can hide and hitchhike.

EPA tips to reduce the risk of bed bugs include:

• Train employees on what bed bugs look like and where they hide

• Vacuum frequently

• Keep coat closets and storage areas clean, and regularly inspect them

• Consider storing belongings in private areas rather than communal space

Stop Bed Bugs in Their Tracks

Critically, everyone should know to stay calm and speak up if they spot a bed bug. If someone hides it out of embarrassment, it could worsen the problem. After spotting a bed bug, be proactive and call for NJ pest control to protect your home or workplace.

For swift and non-toxic bed bug treatments, you can trust the cutting-edge bed bug control experts at Stern Environmental. Contact us to describe what you’ve seen and set up an appointment.