NYC Government Continues the Fight Against Bed Bugs in Their Own Back Yard

Don't be Negligent! Any Place Can get Bedbugs
Don’t be Negligent! Any Place Can get Bedbugs

Bed bugs are being discovered in more and more places, including New York City’s city council offices on Broadway Street. These irritating insects were found during a standard sweep of the building and an exterminator was called in to stop the infestation before it got out of control.

It Can Happen to Any Company

Though no additional bed bugs were found by the extermination team, the area was treated with an insecticide just to be safe. If bed bugs can get into an area as tightly controlled as the city council chambers for the largest city in America, they likely can find a way into your business as well. Thankfully, as a commercial exterminator, we have the knowledge and equipment to treat bed bug problems in an office or storefront environment.

How a NJ Pest Control Team Can Help Your Business

While you might not think that your business can have bed bugs, it’s possible even for non-residential buildings to suffer bed bug infestations. Just because you don’t sleep in an area doesn’t mean that you’re immune to their itchy, annoying bites. Bed bugs can survive in upholstered furniture and even in walls and carpeting, waiting for unsuspecting humans to sit down so they can start feeding.

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