Don’t Get Caught Up in this Vermin Letter Scam

Fraudulent Rodent Issues
Fraudulent Rodent Issues

Scams. We hear about new ways to take advantage of people all the time. This latest scam alert is about what appears to be an official letter from the New York City Health Department concerning payment due to a Rodent Control Program Assessment.

The Letter

The fraudulent letter is being sent to property owners about a rodent issue. It looks official as it’s printed on what appears to be legitimate letterhead, which, in fact, is fake. Mario Merlino, the Assistant Commissioner for NYC pest control services, is aware of the scam and asking residents to contact the Health Department should they receive the letter.

The letter states the payment is immediate. It also states that the so called violation cannot be challenged or contested, which is not true. A hearing to contest a violation is always available.

While unscrupulous people are trying to make money off of unsuspecting residents, the fact is, rodent problems do exist. Rats and mice can do damage to the interior and exterior and are carriers of disease. To prevent a real problem occurring on your property, stay up-to-date on how to prevent rodents in your home or business and around your property.

If you’re experiencing rodent issues in your home of yard, you’ll want to give us a call at Stern Environmental Group. Our seasoned NYC pest control specialists know what it takes to rid your property of renegade rodents.