Anaplasmosis From Ticks Lands More in the Hospital than Lyme Disease

Tick Born Diseases

Anaplasmosis can be a “ticklish” disease that can result in a visit to the hospital. Its cause is ticks, which are very mobile as they use a variety of hosts, such as squirrels, wildlife and outdoor pets, to carry them in and around the home.

Anaplasmosis versus Lyme Disease

The black-legged tick is responsible for the spread of anaplasmosis, It’s also the carrier of Lyme disease, which causes illness but is less severe than anaplasmosis.

In current studies in Vermont, people contracting Lyme disease have about a 3 percent chance of being hospitalized. For those infected with anaplasmosis, the percentage rises to a significant 34 percent chance of being hospitalized.


Unlike Lyme disease that results in a visible rash similar to that of a bulls-eye, anaplasmosis symptoms are easily confused with other types of health issues. With anaplasmosis, you can expect to have muscle aches accompanied by joint pain, fever, and a headache.

As the number of anaplasmosis cases rise in Vermont, other state authorities and health agencies must also be on the lookout for an increase in the black-legged tick population as well as more cases involving hospitalization.

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