Could Bed Bug Skins be Used for New Traps?

What if...
What if…

Finding shed bed bug skins is a sure sign that you have an infestation. However, researchers at the University of California have found that those skins might actually serve a useful purpose, which could be great news for those of us who work in NJ pest control.

According to their findings, the shed skins of bed bugs tend to give off four different pheromone compounds. These sweet smells lure bed bugs into a space, and they automatically think the area is safe for them. In short, bed bugs are drawn to their own familiar smell, which can be exploited for new ways to trap and eradicate these blood-sucking pests.

The best news of all is that these experimental traps suggest their effectiveness will last for quite some time. During their tests, researchers crushed the skins, and then aged them for as long as 99 days. They were then tested and the presence of the pheromone compounds was still detected.

These findings are encouraging because although there are many different bed bug traps on the market, nothing that utilized their own smell has been developed. This new approach might lead to the most effective bed bug trap ever created, and the fact that it will be inexpensive is very attractive to property owners and NJ pest control specialists.

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