Keep Fall Pests From Moving into Your Building

Keep Pests Out of Your Home This Fall and Winter
Keep Pests Out of Your Home This Fall and Winter

Along with beautiful fall weather, cool temperatures, colorful leaves and holiday events, there’s also an on-going parade of unseen pests making their way inside your home or business in preparation for winter temps.

Preventing Fall Pests

Fall pests include a variety of visitors from beetles and bugs to mice and assorted wildlife. All are on the hunt for a warm place to snuggle down when the temperatures drop.

There are quite a few things you can do that will prevent pests from entering the premises.

• Seal and/or repair any openings into your home such as replacing deteriorated weather stripping around doors and windows.

• Repair any damaged screens in windows and doors.

• Add a door sweep to prevent entry.

• Install screens on openings to chimneys and attic vents. Both are invitations for visitors.

• Caulk outside cracks and crevices using standard caulk or steel wool. Pests are savvy and can squeeze through small openings.

• If you use firewood, store it away from your home.

• For those who enjoy feeding the birds and squirrels, or provide a dish of food for outside pets, remove any uneaten food.

• Don’t leave water standing around. Like food, pests need water too.

• Hire the services of a NYC pest control company.

If your building is experiencing an influx of unwanted fall residents, contact our knowledgeable staff at Stern Environmental. Our NYC pest control technicians know how to evict and eliminate seasonal pests.

Now We’ll Be Treating for Zika Mosquitoes with Drones!

Could Drones Be the End of Zika Virus?
Could Drones Be the End of Zika Virus?

Two topics that have been receiving plenty of media attention lately, especially in the past few months: 1. The spread of the zika virus and its negative effect on pregnant women and their unborn children; and 2. The impact drones are having on business and service sectors.

These two newsworthy topics, which seem unrelated, are now the focus of one very helpful enterprise; treating zika-capable mosquitoes with the help of drone technology.

Zika versus Drones

According to NBC News, much needed funding is now in place to aid in the development of working drones to fight against the spread of the Zika virus.

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has provided the necessary funding to WeRobotics, a Delaware company, to develop drones to transport and infiltrate hard-to-reach regions of the world with sterile mosquitoes.

The drones are also being designed to carry lab samples from regions difficult to access in order to have the samples tested in a much quicker time-frame.

Both options are vital in knowing where the mosquitoes are having an impact and by providing the means to significantly control and reduce their population with fast and efficient drone interaction.

When you’re in need of experienced NJ pest control services, give us a call at Stern Environmental Group. Our NJ pest control technicians have the answers to your questions and the treatments to solve any pest control problems, including a mosquito infestation.

Anaplasmosis From Ticks Lands More in the Hospital than Lyme Disease

Tick Born Diseases

Anaplasmosis can be a “ticklish” disease that can result in a visit to the hospital. Its cause is ticks, which are very mobile as they use a variety of hosts, such as squirrels, wildlife and outdoor pets, to carry them in and around the home.

Anaplasmosis versus Lyme Disease

The black-legged tick is responsible for the spread of anaplasmosis, It’s also the carrier of Lyme disease, which causes illness but is less severe than anaplasmosis.

In current studies in Vermont, people contracting Lyme disease have about a 3 percent chance of being hospitalized. For those infected with anaplasmosis, the percentage rises to a significant 34 percent chance of being hospitalized.


Unlike Lyme disease that results in a visible rash similar to that of a bulls-eye, anaplasmosis symptoms are easily confused with other types of health issues. With anaplasmosis, you can expect to have muscle aches accompanied by joint pain, fever, and a headache.

As the number of anaplasmosis cases rise in Vermont, other state authorities and health agencies must also be on the lookout for an increase in the black-legged tick population as well as more cases involving hospitalization.

For help with tick infestations in your home or yard, you need the help of a qualified NYC pest control company. At Stern Environmental Group, we have the experience needed in a NYC pest control company to eliminate ticks. Contact our staff for an inspection.

Don’t Get Caught Up in this Vermin Letter Scam

Fraudulent Rodent Issues
Fraudulent Rodent Issues

Scams. We hear about new ways to take advantage of people all the time. This latest scam alert is about what appears to be an official letter from the New York City Health Department concerning payment due to a Rodent Control Program Assessment.

The Letter

The fraudulent letter is being sent to property owners about a rodent issue. It looks official as it’s printed on what appears to be legitimate letterhead, which, in fact, is fake. Mario Merlino, the Assistant Commissioner for NYC pest control services, is aware of the scam and asking residents to contact the Health Department should they receive the letter.

The letter states the payment is immediate. It also states that the so called violation cannot be challenged or contested, which is not true. A hearing to contest a violation is always available.

While unscrupulous people are trying to make money off of unsuspecting residents, the fact is, rodent problems do exist. Rats and mice can do damage to the interior and exterior and are carriers of disease. To prevent a real problem occurring on your property, stay up-to-date on how to prevent rodents in your home or business and around your property.

If you’re experiencing rodent issues in your home of yard, you’ll want to give us a call at Stern Environmental Group. Our seasoned NYC pest control specialists know what it takes to rid your property of renegade rodents.