What Damage Does a Drugstore Beetle Do?

What Damage Does a Drugstore Beetle Do?
What Damage Does a Drugstore Beetle Do?

There’s nothing worse than finding out that food you’ve stored has become infested by pests. This frequently happens in homes, but can you imagine the massive amount of loss that occurs when it happens in commercial facilities that package food for sale? Pests like the drugstore beetle certainly do keep commercial pest control specialists on their toes.

Damage from Drugstore Beetles

Drugstore beetles tend to target post-harvest and stored seeds and grains. They’ve also been discovered in both plant- and animal-derived products, as well as in packaged foods. It’s actually said that drugstore beetles will feed on anything except cast iron. They’re truly not picky about their meals, and they get their name from their tendency to feed on prescription drugs. Other favorite foods include:

• Sweets

• Spices

• Breads

• Cookies

• Various types of flours

• Chocolate

These pests have even been known to bore through wood, wool, aluminum foil, and other materials.

Preventing Drugstore Beetle Re-infestations

Once an infestation has been eradicated, great care should be taken to clean up any spills of food items that might attract them back again. For example, food products should be tightly sealed in containers. However, the best way to prevent a re-infestation is to ensure that the source of the problem has been found and dealt with. This is where commercial pest control comes in.

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