NYC Hotels May Be Required to Have Bi-Annual Bed Bug Inspections

Mandatory Bed Bug Inspections For NYC Hotels

It was recently discovered that bed bug sightings in New York City hotels were up 44% between 2014 and 2015. Many of the sightings have been at some of the city’s largest, most upscale hotels. Fortunately, that discovery got the attention of several officials in the city council, and a new bill was introduced that proposes bed bug inspections by qualified personnel at all hotels every six months.

In addition, another bill is being introduced that will require the city to publish reports detailing bed bug metrics, including:

• The total number of bed bug complaints

• Bed bug violations in apartment buildings

• The amount of time infestations took to resolve

Under this bill, a map will be required to be published every three months that specifies the locations of bed bug complaints and their current status. In this way, the city will be able to keep tabs on problem areas and trends.

These bills are monumental, and they’re sure to create a significant amount of change for the people of New York City who are tired and frustrated over the bed bug problem that has been plaguing the city for the last several years.

Calling a NYC bed bug specialist is your best plan of action if you have a bed bug problem. Please contact us, your local NYC bed bug specialist, if you suspect an infestation. We’ll help you resolve it immediately.