The NYC Guide to Bed Bugs – Part One: Treatment

Bed Bugs are "Armoring" Themselves, so to Speak. Let Us Defend You!
Bed Bug Infestations

Being subjected to a bed bug infestation is not a situation to be taken likely. These parasitic bloodsuckers make life miserable once they’ve set up housekeeping in your home and targeted you as their main course.

Bed bugs are found anywhere, from schools and churches, to city buses and five-star hotels. They don’t discriminate. Their only interest is finding a good meal and they’ll hitch a ride on any mode of transportation.

Bed Bug Signs and What to Do

1. First and foremost, you’ll know if bed bugs are in your home if you find multiple itchy bites. In some cases, people experience bumps, hives and a rash. While bed bugs are not known to carry diseases, their bites are constant reminders that you have a problem.

2. Bed bugs are primarily night stalkers. Look for signs of the pests such as shells the bugs have shed, and black or brown stains on sheets, comforters, and the mattress.

3. Check behind outlet covers, points of entry on the bed frame such as tiny cracks, and along the seams of the mattresses.

4. Document what you find, then contact a NYC bed bug specialist for help.

The NYC bed bug specialist technicians at Stern Environmental are more than ready to take care of a pesky bed bug infestation. Contact our staff today about treatments and available preventive measures that ensure your property remains bed bug free.