The NYC Guide to Bed Bugs – Part Two: Prevention

Bed Bug Prevention

Prevention is the key when it comes to keeping bed bugs away from your loved ones. These tiny pests can make their home anywhere and at any time. They aren’t choosy as long as there’s fresh blood available when they’re ready to feed.

Preventative Measures

While you may never see a bed bug because they’re nocturnal and the youngsters are nearly transparent, there are tell-tale signs the bloodsuckers are traversing your sheets at night, such as obvious bites, shell casings from shedding, and discolorations on bedding ranging from dark brown to black.

Here are a few tips and products a NYC bed bug specialist would consider good steps in helping prevent the pests.

1. Purchase bed-bug-proof encasements to cover your mattress and box spring sets.

2. Disposable box spring and mattress bags are also an option to keep bed bugs at bay.

3. Other products available through your NYC bed bug specialist include bed bug monitors, chemical traps, bed bug detection units, mattress, drawer, and luggage liners, travel bags, and bed bug heaters,

If you find that you have a bed bug issue, then the first thing that goes on your”to do” list is to contact an exterminator and schedule an inspection. The technician knows what to look for and will determine how severe your infestation is.

If you’re facing a bed bug dilemma, contact our experts at Stern Environmental to schedule an in-depth inspection.