Bed Bugs are the Fastest-Growing Pest Problem in New York and New Jersey

Bed Bug Infestations Growing Rapidly

Bed bugs are becoming one of the worst pest issues to deal with in New York and New Jersey. These tiny insects can cause large infestations that are very difficult to eliminate. If you own property in NY or NJ, it’s important to know as much about these pests as possible. Here are some facts about bed bugs that you might not be aware of.

Large colonies
Bed bugs can form colonies that number in the thousands. Since these pests can be hard to spot and are able to squeeze into the tiniest of spaces, it’s crucial to have an NY or NJ bed bug specialist deal with infestations.

Preference for human blood
Bed bugs can feed on the blood of other insects and mammals if they want. However, they prefer feeding on human blood. This is why they have become such as nuisance for many NY and NJ residents.

Cool environments
Bed bugs like to live in cooler environments, including bedrooms. They don’t do well in warmer environments. In fact, temperatures greater than 115 degrees Fahrenheit are hot enough to kill them.

If you have a pest problem and need a NJ bed bug specialist, we can help. Contact Stern Environmental Group to learn more about our bed bug treatments. We offer safe and effective pest control for bed bugs in NY and NJ.