They’re Cute, But They Can Bite – Seniors Attacked by Squirrels

The Common Squirrel

Everyone is familiar with the common squirrel, and they’re a part of our lives. In fact, it’s difficult to walk out your front door without seeing them. Here at Stern, we provide NJ squirrel removal services for our customers, and what we’ve learned is that it’s actually possible to be afraid of these furry, seemingly harmless little creatures. It’s a condition called sciurophobia. The question is, why would anyone be afraid of squirrels?

Because they bite!

Squirrels Attack Senior Citizens

Several residents at a retirement community were recently attacked by squirrels, and the attacks came as quite a shock. One woman was sitting on a swing when a squirrel jumped down on her head from above. It then chased her into a nearby exercise room. Another woman was bitten about a week later, and she had to be treated at the hospital because she fell and broke her wrist. All residents who were bitten were treated with antibiotics to fend off infection.

Are You at Risk?

In general, squirrels aren’t animals that attack, but it can happen. Squirrels love to make their homes in attacks and the walls in your home. If you have a squirrel problem, NJ squirrel removal is a service that you should consider.

Here at Stern, we can provide you with the professional help you need to rid your home of squirrels. Please contact us and get the help you need!

Rats – One of NYC’s Top Resident Pests

Rats Can Indirectly Carry 15 Different Kinds of Diseases
The NYC Rodent

As your NYC rodent specialist, we’re quite familiar with the rat problem in the city. It seems to come in waves, with the late summer being a prime time for these pests. It’s important to know as much as you can about them if you’re someone who tends to consistently deal with rat problems.

The Norway Rat

The Norway rat is the type that most New Yorkers are familiar with. During the summer months when people are out and about, enjoying cookouts, going shopping and enjoying life, the Norway rat’s young are getting old enough to be out on their own. The problem with these rats is they carry dangerous pathogens that can lead to diseases in humans.

Doing Your Part

Knowing that the height of rat season is just around the corner, it’s important for you to do your part to prevent rats from entering your home or business. You can do this by:

• Emptying garbage cans frequently

• Making sure any dog waste is cleaned up promptly

• Keeping your area clean

• Contacting a NYC rodent specialist if you suspect a rat problem

It’s never a good idea to put off getting rid of your rat problem, and it’s not going to go away on its own. There’s no telling how many rats there are in NYC, and even though the city is doing their part, they’re still not going away. Contact us for help!

Tropical Bed Bugs Resurface Plaguing Florida

What Could Possibly Be Worse Than Our Common Northeast Bed Bugs?

Here in the northeast, we have what’s called the common bed bug, and your NYC bed bug specialist has had to deal with this pest far too many times. However, in the State of Florida, a different type of pest is making a comeback. It’s called the tropical bed bug.

The Tropical Bed Bug

In many ways, tropical bed bugs are a lot like the common bed bug. However, there are some differences. For one, they haven’t been seen anywhere in the United States since the 1940s. There is also some research indicating that tropical bed bugs might be able to reproduce faster than common bed bugs. This means that if a problem is ignored, it could develop into a serious infestation much faster.

The Spread of Tropical Bed Bugs

This type of bed bug prefers warmer climates, which means that if they’ve been found in Florida, they might also be found in other warm states as well. Travel in the United States has increased by leaps and bounds in recent years, and there is a very real possibility that these bugs are hitchhiking with travelers to other states.

As your NYC bed bug specialist, we take bed bug infestations seriously. If you’re traveling to a warm state, please be aware of the possibility of finding bed bugs. Take the proper precautions when you travel, and if you end up with an infestation, contact us!

Untreated Mice Problems at Schools May be Source of Increased Asthma

Mouse Control
Don’t Let Mice Take Over Your Establishment!

According to an article published in JAMA Pediatrics, a study of allergens in schools and how these allergens may be affecting the health of students with asthma is the first of its kind to be put forth in the U.S.

With an estimated 6 million children in the U.S. suffering from asthma, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the study was conducted to determine what types of allergens, such as pet dander, dust mites, and mice, could be triggering asthma symptoms or full-blown asthma attacks.

The study indicated that children spend a good portion of their time in school, which is where the environment was shown to play a part in their asthma problems. In each of the schools in the study, mouse allergens were consistently found in the air.

While mice are considered potential allergen providers, the study, which took place in northeastern cities at 37 inner-city schools, does not prove that mice are the main culprits. Since asthma can be triggered by more than one type of allergy, it’s difficult to point to mice as the one that is affecting the quality of air in schools.

For anyone dealing with asthma, using the pest control services of a NJ rodent specialist can help prevent allergens by eliminating the source with innovative solutions. Get the help you need from a NJ rodent specialist by contacting us at Stern Environmental Group.

Video Shows Norway Rats Harboring in Tree Roots

Rats Can Indirectly Carry 15 Different Kinds of Diseases
Rats Can Indirectly Carry 15 Different Kinds of Diseases

Here’s some information that property owners may not be aware of: a rat’s ability to live in the massive root system of large trees. In Boston, rodentologist Bobby Corrigan shared his expert observation of just such an occurrence in a city park.

At the base of old, mature trees within the park, a network of roots created the opportunity for rats to tunnel into holes and access a network of openings around the tree. Evidence showed that the rats used multiple openings for entry and exit routes as well as bringing in food sources and nesting material. It was estimated the “tree house” would hold up to a dozen rats.

If your property has trees with massive above ground root systems, it’s recommended you hire a NYC rodent specialist to inspect the area. With proven systems, methods, and techniques, whether a single tree or multiple trees are affected, the extent of the root-based rat population can be determined and eliminated.

Having a rat infestation in your home or business or anywhere on your property creates an unhealthy situation. If you suspect there’s a problem, don’t allow the rat population to expand, which could result in rodents finding their way inside your home or business.

For fast, efficient help with rodent removal, contact a NYC rodent specialist at Stern Environmental. Our experienced staff will suggest a plan of action to make your property rodent-free.