Cockroaches or Waterbugs: Take Immediate Action

The Trouble With Cockroaches
Cockroaches and Water Bugs

The moment you find out you have cockroaches at your business, you know you need to take immediate action. As your NYC commercial pest control specialists, we want to offer you a few words of advice that will prove useful.

Are You Concerned About Cockroaches?

Take the following steps to protect your business:

  1. Be proactive – Check for cockroaches daily so that if you do have an infestation, you can stay ahead of it.
  2. Carefully check everything that is brought into your business. You never know where they could be hiding.
  3. Get rid of any clutter, especially in the kitchen. This will eliminate their hiding places.
  4. Seal up any holes or cracks so they don’t have a way to enter into your business.
  5. Keep your business as clean as possible, removing any sources of food.
  6. Remember that cockroaches prefer a moist environment, so clean up any water spills immediately.

Using Pesticides for Cockroach Infestations

Pesticides are not a good idea, but if you’re looking for something that may work, a bait station is a good choice. Of course, it’s much better for you to leave cockroach control in the hands of NYC commercial pest control specialists. By leaving it to the pros, you’ll get better results and more peace of mind.

How can Stern Environmental help you with your cockroach problem? Contact us today and let’s have a conversation about what we can do for you.