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NYC Breaks the Top Ten List for Worst Rat and Cockroach Problems

With structure upon structure filling NYC, resting atop a vast subterranean underground, the Big Apple’s construction projects create a veritable NYC pest control nightmare. Now holding the dubious distinction as the sole city on the U.S. top 10 lists for both rodent and cockroach infestations, the Big Apple now ranks 3rd and 10th, respectively, with 15.6% of households reporting the pests.

Sad, But Actually – An Improvement
The recent U.S. Census Bureau study on housing quality nationwide unearthed that although the numbers aren’t great, and the city ranked high on both lists in 2015, they are actually better than the 2013 census statistics, where 19% of homes reported rodents and 17% reported cockroaches, pointing to efforts by the NYC Health Department to reduce the unwelcome critters.

What Gives?
The city’s climate, population density, and the age of buildings are the primary reasons for the pest population. Unlike the South, where roaches prevail, Northern cities from NYC to Boston and Philadelphia have a higher presence of vermin in homes, with plenty of places for the rodents to hide and survive, including subway and sewer systems. According to New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene assistant press secretary Julien Martinez, however, “The Health Department has devoted unprecedented funds and staff to target rodents in homes and neighborhoods.”

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