“What’s Biting Me?” Tips to Diagnosing Bug Bites

It’s bug season on the east coast, so ask yourself what’s the nearest pest control service near me. Unfortunately, it’s also the time for bug bites. Most everyone at some time, is going to get bitten by a bug, and although we can’t cover every single bug that might bite you, here is what to look for to determine what’s biting you.

• Mosquito Bite — Generally a big red itchy welt. Probably the most common bite of all.

• Tick Bite — You’ll usually find a tick attached to your skin when they bite. After the bite, if you have a big red bulls-eye type of welt, it may be a sign of Lyme’s Disease.

Wasp/Bee Sting — Swelling in the area with a tiny red dot in the middle.

• Flea Bites — Generally a cluster of little reddened bites.

Bed Bug Bites — Itchy red bites that don’t usually swell, usually on the shoulders and arms.

• Chigger Bites — Itchy red welts near the feet or ankles. They stay attached for a day or two, so you may catch one in the act.

• Spider Bites — A brown recluse will leave a flattened red mark where it bit, while a black widow will leave fang marks. If bitten by either spider, seek medical assistance immediately.

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What is Pest Exclusion and Why Should You Practice It?

If you’ve been looking for an excellent NYC pest control company, it’s best for you to look for one that has adopted integrated pest management. IPM has become an important tool for stopping pests in their tracks. Maybe you’ve never heard of IPM, and you’d like to know more about the benefits of it. If so, then you’re in the right place to get the information you need.

What is Integrated Pest Management?

Integrated pest management focuses more on the prevention of pests than the extermination of them. This is an excellent option for those who want to head off an infestation before it begins. It includes:

• A primary inspection of the property

• Continual monitoring of the property for changes

• Regular reporting of findings

During the process, if pests are discovered, IPM includes a component of pest control to eliminate them.

Pest Exclusion: Is it the Most Important Part of IPM?

Pest exclusion is pest prevention. It involves putting certain measures in place to keep pests out. This can include:

• Sealing pest entry areas

• Removing clutter

• Cleaning storage and dining areas

• Putting up pest barriers

• IPM education

When done correctly, pest exclusion can prevent many pest problems in the future.

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New Research on Fungal Biopesticides May Provide New Bed Bug Treatment

Fungal Spores: A Bio-Alternative to Bed Bug Extermination?
Fungal Spores: A Bio-Alternative to Bed Bug Extermination?

With the new pesticide-resistant strain of bed bugs, there has been a huge serge in bed bug infestations, especially along the east coast of the U.S. One of the deadliest new advancements in bed bug control is a completely non toxic, NYC bed bug freeze treatment. This method uses liquid CO2 to literally freeze bed bugs in their tracks.

As chilling as that may sound, it’s highly effective on contact and there is no post-treatment residue.

The New Wave

Fungal biopesticides are being explored as the new wave in bed bug control. Environmentally harmless fungus spores are administered into areas where bed bugs may live. When these spores come into contact with a bed bug, they burrow into their bodies and grow inside of the bug. Eventually, the bed bug is consumed and dies, releasing more spores that find other bed bugs to eat.

So far in testing, there has been a 95% success rate in killing off bed bug colonies, with no resistance seen. It is safe for humans and pets, and the spores can be spread around laying dormant until a bed bug walks by.

For More Information

For the latest in bed bug extermination and prevention, the NYC bed bug freeze treatment, or anything related to bed bugs in general, please contact Stern Environmental. We are the bed bug experts and have been serving the NYC area for nearly 20 years.

Will Super Lice be the New Scourge Replacing Bed Bugs?

Will Super Lice Replace Bed Bugs?
Will Super Lice Replace Bed Bugs as a Serious Problem?

While our NYC pest control professionals have been busy battling bed bug infestations, another pest has been getting harder to deal with. Head lice have been developing a resistance to over-the-counter treatments, leading them to be called super lice. How much of a threat are these lice?

A Growing Resistance

Head lice started showing signs of being resistant to OTC treatments back in the 1990s, but this resistance is becoming more widespread. In fact, researchers found that lice in 48 states now show mutations that have made them resistant to certain ingredients in OTC products, such as Nix. Scientists conducting another study found that the effectiveness of many OTC products for head lice infestations has declined in recent years. This study also found that home remedies are not as effective.

Effective Super Lice Treatments

Using prescription treatments for head lice that are resistant to OTC treatments is proving to be the most effective way to deal with these pests. However, these treatments might not work well if parents don’t follow the directions. As long as these products are used properly, they seem to be the best treatment for eliminating head lice and reducing the risk of having any come back.

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Call the Professionals – Steer Clear of These DIY Pest Control Remedies

Office Pest Control is Not for the Do It Yourselfer
Office Pest Control is Not for the Do It Yourselfer

When you have bugs or other pests in your home or office, it’s tempting to just take care of them on your own. There are plenty of do it yourself remedies available for pest control, such as over-the-counter products and methods that use common household supplies. However, there are several reasons to avoid these and hire an NJ pest control company instead.

Placing Bait in the Wrong Spots

One of the most common mistakes people make with OTC baits is putting them in places where pests won’t get to them. You have to know where pests are getting inside your office in order to use these products effectively. Otherwise, the baits you place be ineffective at getting rid of pests.

Ignoring the Cause

Getting rid of pests in one area doesn’t mean that you’ve eliminated them completely. If you have ants, flies or other pests, it’s important to find out where they’re coming from and how they’re getting in. When you know this, you can work on stopping them at the source.

Using Products Improperly

When you use OTC pesticides and other products, using them the wrong way can be dangerous to you, your employees and your pets. Pest control products need to be used safely and properly.

If you have pests in your home or business, don’t handle it on your own. Stern Environmental can provide you with quality services when you need a NJ pest control company.