There is Legal Recourse When Pests Make Your Hotel Stay Miserable

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There is Legal Recourse for You to Consider.

Whether you stay in a hotel for business or vacation, one of the worst possible experiences is finding bed bugs in your room. If you end up being bitten by these pests or having to get rid of belongings due to an infestation, what kind of legal help can you expect?

Pending Case in Atlantic City

It’s not unheard of for people to seek legal recourse for a bed bug encounter at a hotel. In fact, a case that is currently pending in court involves a resort in Atlantic City. A guest is suing the resort after she and a friend were bitten by bed bugs during their stay. The plaintiff is accusing the resort of failing to take the necessary steps to prevent bed bug infestations, such as training employees on detecting and reporting them, which caused her physical and emotional distress.

Bed Bug Tips

If you discover bed bugs in your hotel room, our NYC bed bug specialists want you to know that it’s important to report them right away and ask for a different room. Keep in mind that you should thoroughly check your suitcases and other belongings before leaving to make sure you don’t bring bed bugs home.

If you need help from NYC bed bug specialists, give Stern Environmental Group a call. We provide safe and reliable bed bug services in the NYC area.