Found One Bed Bug? Are There More?

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Just One Bed Bug? Be Sure!

Let’s say you find one bed bug. Just one. Most people panic at the site of this lone pest. Surely there must be more lurking nearby, right? Actually, the answer is that it’s probably not likely. As your NJ bed bug specialists, we want you to use your due diligence when it comes to bed bugs. However, thinking rationally can help you avoid needless worry too.

What Does Finding One Bed Bug Mean?

If you only find one bed bug, it probably just means that you’ve come across a straggler or a hitchhiker. Bed bugs can easily be transported, and when they’re found in public places, it most likely means that they aren’t established yet.

Experts say that bed bugs need an adequate food source to thrive and grow in numbers. Their food, of course, is humans. However, they usually only bite when people are asleep or still for long periods of time.

What Steps Should be Taken?

There’s no way of telling about the size of an infestation until the proper measures are taken. Bed bug sniffing dogs should be brought in to check out the area. Inspections should be done by professionals to locate more bed bugs. Otherwise, you’re probably looking at a bed bug who just happened to get there by accident.

Your NJ bed bug specialists can help you remain worry free when it comes to bed bugs. Contact us today!