Staff of the NYC Rat Reservoir Program are On Patrol!

Rats Are Invading NYC and NJ
Rats Are Invading NYC and NJ

Rats are one of the most common sights in NYC, but a program known as the Rat Reservoir is working on changing that. This NYC rodent control program involves many steps that are being taken to reduce the city’s rat population, since these pests pose a public health risk.

Finding Rats

Members of the Rat Reservoir go around the city checking for places where rats might be found. They look for clues such as holes at the bases of plants, which rats make in order to find water. They also look for hollow spots in sidewalks where rat nests might be found. Since rats are adept at making nests and burrows in a variety of areas, the Rat Reservoir has a lot of places to check throughout the city.

Eliminating Rats

When rat hiding spots have been found, members of the Rat Reservoir have exterminators go around to these areas to place bait. This involves putting a funnel in the entrance of a rat burrow, then putting poisonous pellets into the nest. Using a funnel to do this helps ensure that the pellets won’t be scattered around for birds and other species to find.

If you have a problem with rats or mice in your building, contact the Stern Environmental Group for help. We offer quality NYC rodent control services to get rid of these pests and protect your property from other infestations.