Will Super Lice be the New Scourge Replacing Bed Bugs?

Will Super Lice Replace Bed Bugs?
Will Super Lice Replace Bed Bugs as a Serious Problem?

While our NYC pest control professionals have been busy battling bed bug infestations, another pest has been getting harder to deal with. Head lice have been developing a resistance to over-the-counter treatments, leading them to be called super lice. How much of a threat are these lice?

A Growing Resistance

Head lice started showing signs of being resistant to OTC treatments back in the 1990s, but this resistance is becoming more widespread. In fact, researchers found that lice in 48 states now show mutations that have made them resistant to certain ingredients in OTC products, such as Nix. Scientists conducting another study found that the effectiveness of many OTC products for head lice infestations has declined in recent years. This study also found that home remedies are not as effective.

Effective Super Lice Treatments

Using prescription treatments for head lice that are resistant to OTC treatments is proving to be the most effective way to deal with these pests. However, these treatments might not work well if parents don’t follow the directions. As long as these products are used properly, they seem to be the best treatment for eliminating head lice and reducing the risk of having any come back.

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