It’s Bed Bug Awareness Week, June 4-10, 2017

Save the Date It's Bed Bug Awareness Week!
Save the Date It’s Bed Bug Awareness Week!

With bed bug problems on the rise in the NYC area, it’s important for property owners to know what they’re dealing with. During this year’s Bed Bug Awareness Week, Stern Environmental wants to make sure that homeowners and commercial property owners in NYC can identify these pests and understand their options for bed bug control.

Identifying Bed Bugs

How can you tell if you have a bed bug problem? You might see these tiny reddish-brown bugs around, although they’re good at hiding in cracks and crevices. You might also see stains on mattresses and bed linens, but keep in mind that bed bugs are found in many different areas, not just bedrooms. Bed bug bites, which appear as small, reddish bumps, are another telltale sign.

Treating a Bed Bug Problem

What should you do if you have a bed bug problem? While there are many over-the-counter products in stores, these aren’t always effective at eliminating bed bugs. To make sure they’re completely gone, it’s better to hire bed bug control experts.

You can also get rid of these bugs by washing clothes and linens with hot water and vacuuming all floors and pieces of furniture in your home. Using a bed bug mattress cover also helps eliminate these pests and stop them from getting to other parts of your property.

If you need reliable bed bug control, contact Stern Environmental.